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?: Te quiero!
Oh, Papa Homer, you are so learned.
We should have charged more.
♪ And Steven! ♪
Wanker! Wanker!
- Oh, boy. - It better be.
- Oh, boy. - It better be.
That's it. You leave and never come back.
How about we leave and come back in a week?
And all of a sudden,
Let me see them. Let me see them.
Oh, I was so nervous about that letter.
We also speak Norwegian, Dutch, German,
They wanna know if I'm okay?
Alexander, You're Grounded.
Snack Pack, more like...
We're the Humans! Steven!
All right, I admit it. I slept with Nina, but that's all.
They're in this cocoon,
How long can I keep doing this, Clara?
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